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The Facts about Grease

Grease is a Big Problem

Grease can be easily ignited in solid, liquid or vapor form. The statistics from the National Fire Protection Association indicate that in an average year there are 11,100 structure fires in eating and drinking establishments in the United States resulting in six civilian deaths, 189 civilian injuries and $163.1 million in direct property damage.

  1. Half of these fires start in the kitchen. Some type of cooking equipment caused two of every five fires in eating and drinking establishments. Deep Fat fryers ranked second in fires in eating and drinking establishments and first among cooking equipment in dollar loss.
  2. The other major causes of cook line kitchen fires included Stoves, Ovens, Open Fired grills, and Grease hood or ductwork.
  3. All of these major kitchen fires began on a cook line beneath an exhaust canopy hood equipped with some type of automatic fire suppression system.


We Solve The Grease Problem

Don’t Become a Statistic!!

What happens after a flame ignites depends on the quality and frequency of your exhaust hood and fire suppression system. Don’t lose your business by a preventable fire due to improperly trained and insured hood cleaners. Let us keep you, your staff, your customers and your facility safe from the hazard of grease!

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