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Photo Inspection Program

GreaseBuster’s Photo Inspection Program is a key element in our quality control program and commitment to transparent communication with our customers.

All jobs will be documented with pictures of the kitchen exhaust systems and made available to our customers, providing assurance that their facilities are being maintained to code and operating safely. Photo reports provide verification of NFPA 96 compliance and identify areas which need to be followed up.

The following pictures are representative of the job photos taken:

  • GreaseBusters Work Order with restaurant name, location and date
  • Before pictures documenting any pre-existing condition
  • Complete before pictures showing outside of hood(s).
  • Kitchen hoods before filters are removed
  • Cleaned access panel
  • Cleaned fan unit (verify hinge kits) and surrounding roof area
  • Intakes of all cleaned fans
  • Cleaned vertical ductwork view from rooftop
  • Outside of horizontal ductwork to verify access panels
  • View up the stacks for each vertical from the hood
  • Down horizontals from the hood
  • Back of the filter rails top and bottom.
  • Completed hoods with filters out
  • Completed hoods with filters properly in place.