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Hospitality Industry

We proudly service the nations most recognized brands. In 2012 the U.S. hospitality industry will be approaching 930,000 units and is projected to reach $632 billion in revenues (source: National Restaurant Association). Clearly, a major national employment and economic engine.

Each of these facilities preparing food are required to have their kitchen exhaust systems cleaned at a regular frequency by a certified hood cleaning company. Do you want to be their preferred service provider? We will show you how to engage your customers and their loyalty by performing a necessary service with quality methods and tips to ensure customer satisfaction and even referrals. Remember, the heart of any restaurant is the kitchen, and the core of the kitchen is the exhaust system. It needs to be in top performance and grease free for the kitchen staff environment (e.g airflow) food quality and customer safety. Restaurant managers want their hoods to be at peak performance but they have a lot on their plate! We will train you to be their partner by taking away the worries of grease in their exhaust system so that they can focus on what they do best – providing us all with wonderful dining experience.

The best restaurants demand the best kitchen exhaust services – The GreaseBusters!

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