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Why Greasebusters?

Why Become a GreaseBuster?

In Demand, Required by Law Our service is required by every restaurant and commercial kitchen nationwide on a regular frequency (NFPA and local regulatory authorities). We operate in a very large and stable market with approximately 930,000 eating establishments in the U.S! In addition to servicing restaurants, we service country clubs, nursing homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, sports parks, cafeterias, military bases, airports – wherever a meal is prepared away from home. We outperform our competitors; our ISO 9001:2008 quality registered method is simply the best.
No Royalties You will never pay dealership fees or royalties. It’s your business, and your profits.
Quick-start program You can be up running your business within weeks, including management training and crew certification/training at our HQ in Washington D.C.
Turnkey package We supply you with everything you need to succeed including equipment, supplies, training, toll-free support, marketing, methods, tools.
Training and Support You get our complete backing & support as a national leader in kitchen exhaust cleaning. It’s simple – when YOU succeed WE succeed. Our toll-free support and dedicated corporate team are with you for the life of your business – at no additional cost. Equally significant is our exclusive network of GreaseBusters! owners.
Growth & Opportunity GreaseBusters! territories are geographically tailored to large metropolitan areas to allow for exceptional growth. We are not interested in selling hundreds of territories, our brand and method is exclusive, and so are our offices and owners.
Secure Business Every commercial kitchen needs our service! Kitchen exhaust cleaning is required by federal and local authorities. This is a service trade that is essentially recession-proof. Our services are repeat and required on a regular frequency (e.g. monthly, quarterly); the need is always there, with frequent add-on services per job.
We’re Unique ISC’s reputation is built on quality and results for over 41 years in the industry. Our patented chemical process, certified method and technique is the best in the business.
Cost Effective We do not charge ongoing service fees or require a % revenue from our offices.
Right Product This service is required by Federal Law (NFPA 96). By following our program and providing high quality services, you will be satisfying a mandatory requirement and need of every business with a commercial kitchen.
Established Company Industrial Steam Cleaning Inc. was established in 1971.
Continual Free Training and Support Our free training program is available at any of our ownership offices in the U.S. or corporate headquarters in Washington D.C. On-going support for the life of your business.
Be Your Own Boss Owning your own business offers you the freedom that working for someone else does not. At the same time you still have the assistance of a strong supporting organization.
Direct Rewards The time and effort spent working brings income directly to the ownership, not to a corporation or group of absentee owners.
Equity Building The growth of the business builds equity as a strong customer base is established.
Community Status Business owners are often highly regarded in the community and become leaders in community projects and organizations.

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